imagejpeg_1-20150323-160629323As of September 2013, Texas mandates 4-6 hours of classroom instruction and then a range qualification. The classroom portion will begin at 8:00 am and finish at approximately 1pm-2pm. It is recommended but not required, that you apply through the DPS website and get your fingerprints prior to attending the classroom instruction and range qualification. You must complete the DPS application prior to scheduling your fingerprinting. Please bring Eye and Ear protection as it will be required for the range. Please bring an unloaded handgun (.32 caliber minimum) to class with you in a handbag or appropriate range bag/case. It is recommended you bring 100 rounds of ammunition although 50 rounds are required. The extra 50 rounds are for contingencies. NO RELOADS ARE ALLOWED. If you need recommendation for a handgun please feel free to call prior to class so you can ensure you have one in possession at class.

Final Exam: There is a 25 question True/False and multiple choice exam that will be administered. Students must achieve a score of 70% in order to pass the course.

Shooting Proficiency: Students must achieve a score of 175 out of 250 total possible points in order to qualify. The proficiency is timed and is a state mandated qualification. All shooting will be done from the ready position and the qualification is below. Please feel free to go to the range and practice prior to arriving for the course. Be sure you are familiar with your handgun prior to arriving.

Texas LTC Range Proficiency

Of a possible score of 250 points, 175 (70%) is required to pass. A total of 50 rounds are fired during range qualifications. The B-27 target shown below will be used in any of the approved 4 colors (black, blue, orange, green). (Learn how shots are scored)

You must use a handgun of at least .32 caliber (.380, 9mm, .357, .40, .45 calibers are acceptable). The state no longer has Semi-Auto and/or Non-Semi-Auto Classifications, so Semi-Auto or Revolver are classified similarly. Laser sights (optical enhancers) are NOT permitted for qualifications.

targetbgThe course of fire is as follows:


3 yards, 20 rounds
1 shot in 2 seconds, 5 times
2 shots in 3 seconds, 5 times
5 shots in 10 seconds, 1 time

7 yards, 20 rounds
5 shots in 10 seconds, 1 time
2 shots in 4 seconds, 1 time
3 shots in 6 seconds, 1 time
1 shot in 3 seconds, 5 times
5 shots in 15 seconds, 1 time

15 yards, 10 rounds
2 shots in 6 seconds, 1 time
3 shots in 9 seconds, 1 time
5 shots in 15 seconds, 1 time